Friday, November 7, 2008

Today letter is 'F'....for 'F'riday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is the best day of the week. Here we are on the cusp of the weekend with so many possibilities ahead, but better still no work. I have been aching from a break from work (meaning the job that puts food on the table) I have been working straight (minus weekends) since July. But I know once I take one day off I will want more… ah yes greedy me!

No huge plans for this weekend. I think Adam is going to go up to my parents house and help my dad rebuild the roof. I know sounds stellar. My mom is in the midst of painting their backroom/den/laundry room, so in other words everyone will be working and I am afraid my mom will put me to work and I have SOOOOOO much to catch up on at my apartment! I know that sounds awful but every time I turn around there is something I have to do which is stopping me from finally getting art done. The Holidays are sneaking up and I don't feel like I have near enough. One good thing about going up my parents way is that there is a fabric store so I can go out and buy some fabric to make Christmas stockings. Also, yesterday I went to Dick Blick and FINALLY bought some studio stretched canvas, I think I got it for a decent price. But, if anyone knows a site where you can get stretched canvas on the cheap PLEASE let me know.

This is my new piece. I have REALLY been into illustrations lately. Her name is Lia and boy is she buttering up to Santa! She is on 5"/7" sturdy matte board. Done in mixed media, using mostly water color and acrylics. She will be heading over to eBay hopefully on Sunday to bring some holiday cheer!

Wow I hope everyone's Friday is a TON more eventful than mine. I will talk to everyone real soon. Etsy and eBay updates real soon.

Oh and before I leave I was TAGGGGGGGGGED I am it: by the talented Ms. Laticia at Regalo, the rules are.....
  • Link to the person who tagged you.Mention the rules.
  • Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
  • Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.
  1. I am obsessed with horror movies
  2. I know all the presidents in chronoligical order
  3. I have to fall alseep on my stomach
  4. My favorite cocktail is Blueberry Shminof and Diet Pepsi
  5. I lock my keys in my car all the time
  6. I don't do dishes (the creep me out)

Now that you all think I am nuts.. I am going to tag.... Jenny, Connie, Veronica, (and I am leaving it up to 3 other individual who would like to take this to their blog) I always break the rules!

Have a Super Day!

Smoooches, TGIF, Yours Till Niarga falls,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FROSTIES/Special Blog Offer

Disclaimer: I know it is the day after an election but I rather not discuss politics. Thank You
On to the sweeter stuff in life! I have a new collection that is just eating my heart they are sooo cute…. Figuratively of course. I am calling them Frosties! Not to be confused with the snowman. These guys are Christmas's little helpers. I will be making many more of these throughout the holiday seasons and they will be listed on Etsy.

Pictures do these little guys no justice!

BUT BUT to jump start I am offering an on blog only special. I am offering 'SNOW' for $15 with a one time only take 15% off offer! So the price will be $12.75.. WITH FREE SHIPPING!.. BUT WAIT.. let's make it an even $12.00. For $12 you can take home this super cute one of a kind Frostie made by yours truly. This is 'Snow' --- Sorry awful picture . I will send a better one upon request!

Details: All you have to do is be the first to comment on this post only, telling me you want to take this little guy home for the holidays! Then I will set some payment transaction up with paypal! EASY BREEZY!

My little Frosties are made from terracotta and baked to a very hard state. Then they are primed and then painted with acrylic paint. They also have 1930's vintage text on them, and (some not all have) current newspaper clippings to decorate their hats! 'Snow' is about 4 inches tall, and the other guys aren't far behind.

Hopefully 'Snow's' brothers will be posted on Etsy soon listed for $15 with $3.50 shipping. I hope to have them posted over the weekend!

If you have any questions regarding the Frosties please please contact me I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Have a super wonderful day! If you are in the northeast enjoy this little heat wave!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm not crazy, just a little bit NUTS!

Sooo… For pretty much my entire life I have been obsessed with old/vintage everything. Having an older Mom I was told stories of how glamorous and classy the ladies of the 50's were. How women were women kinda deal. As I got older I grew a healthy love for the one and only queen of swagger Marilyn Monroe. In 11th grade Regents standardized testing we were asked to write a full length essay on the topic of: If you could bring one person back from history who would it be and why. While other kids where bringing back Lincoln, JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., and this list of the righteous goes on, I brought Marilyn.

So call me crazy but now that I am significantly older and follow my 'own rules' I really want to emulate the ladies that I idolized. SOOOOOOOOO… you will be the first people to know (besides my mom) that I am trying to buy all 50's vintage clothing and will then be donating most of my current clothing. I know a little crazy and something that won't happen over night, but I feel I am pretty resolute on the decision. With all this said if any of you know of any places were I can pick up some great 50's grab on the cheap I would LOOOOOVEEEEE the link as the clothes are very hard to find!

To go vintage I thought I would do a tribute piece to the "big eyes". With the time change I can't help feel that winter is at our back door. We had a few flurries last week but it never amounted to anything. I know a lot of you already had accumulation! My little girl here is ready for whatever kind of weather mother nature will throw her way.

I am soooo behind on art!!!!!!!!! YA… and I am getting a tad stressed because I have to start making Christmas gifts and that won't leave much time for crafting for sales. How is a girl to work it all in! I am getting a little anxious. I think I am going to choose an upcoming weekend to just bang out all the Christmas gifts so I can concentrate on saleable crafts. The only problem is some of the crafts are knitting (not something I can do over night).. AHHHHH Time give me a break!

I won't keep you forever because I know you all are in the same boat as me. Enjoy you Tuesday and I will talk to you Wednesday!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Creature Comfort

I always find that I will take comfort over adventure any day of the week. This weekend was definitely no exception.

I would like to thank everyone for your email regarding my Halloween costume!!! THANK YOU! It really means a lot, hard work, sweat, and tears went into it and it paid off!

Okay back to my weekend. We were going to go to Jersey this weekend but decided that our time would be better spent in the comfort of our lovely abode. Okay lovely and comfortable is stretching it. As any crafter can tell you there is never any law and order to the ever growing mess that they create. I, no matter my good intentions cannot seem to clean anything up! My brain whizzes right past the part where my hands are suppose to put things back in order. Thus, every two weeks or so we (patient Adam, and I) are left in a heap of left over crafting material! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Therefore, every two weeks or so we have a massive clean up. This second week was no different and it took us ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Day. I have the most wonderful boyfriend, with only a smidge of grunting he graciously helped me regain law and order. And when I have order I can craft again. And this is what I made…

I have been dabbling in the charm bracelet making for a short period of time but I enjoy it. I would be more than happy to take a request for a theme:)! GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Adam sister Emily stayed with us last night and we decided to go out to the mall. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMA EVERYWHERE. Considering the economy I am not surprised at all, but WOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW the days after Christmas it all started! YIKES! And I thought I was too early but apparently I am right on time!

Well I have some new things to show you, but I am get to that tomorrow. I had a busy cleaning weekend which means not much crafting got done at all. But the moral is I am a creature of comfort so now that I am comfortable again I can resume my normal crafting schedule! YAYAYAYYA!

Oh and remember all my Halloween paintings on Etsy are 15% off. HURRY OVER!

Happy Monday,

badge for mixed media art


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