Friday, October 10, 2008

When You Have a Moment

As my scanner was fritzing out last night I don't have a new piece to show (I do but it is only a prototype) I have been very busy getting my pitch ready for the class I trying to teach. I am sure you will forgive me.

In the stead of tangible art work I will give you art in words. When You have a moment I would like to to read some of my favorite poems. The Bridge of Sighs by Thomas Hood is my ultimate favorite. Of course, with most great work it has to be read more than once but when you feel that true depth of emotion it is paralyzing!

The Bridge of Sighs (Thomas Hood)

ONE more Unfortunate,

Weary of breath, Rashly importunate,

Gone to her death!

Take her up tenderly,

Lift her with care; Fashion'd so slenderly

Young, and so fair!

Look at her garments Clinging like cerements;

Whilst the wave constantly

Drips from her clothing;

Take her up instantly,

Loving, not loathing.

Touch her not scornfully;

Think of her mournfully,

Gently and humanly;

Not of the stains of her,

All that remains of her

Now is pure womanly.

Make no deep scrutiny Into her mutiny

Rash and undutiful:

Past all dishonour,

Death has left on her

Only the beautiful.

Still, for all slips of hers,

One of Eve's family--

Wipe those poor lips of hers

Oozing so clammily.

Loop up her tresses

Escaped from the comb,

Her fair auburn tresses;

Whilst wonderment guesses

Where was her home?

Who was her father?

Who was her mother?

Had she a sister?

Had she a brother?

Or was there a dearer one

Still, and a nearer one

Yet, than all other?

Alas! for the rarity

Of Christian charity

Under the sun!

O, it was pitiful!

Near a whole city full,

Home she had none.

Sisterly, brotherly, Fatherly, motherly

Feelings had changed:

Love, by harsh evidence,

Thrown from its eminence;

Even God's providence

Seeming estranged.

Where the lamps quiver

So far in the river,

With many a light

From window and casement,

From garret to basement, S

he stood, with amazement,

Houseless by night.

The bleak wind of March

Made her tremble and shiver;

But not the dark arch,

Or the black flowing river:

Mad from life's history,

Glad to death's mystery,

Swift to be hurl'd--

Anywhere, anywhere

Out of the world!

In she plunged boldly--

No matter how coldly

The rough river ran--

Over the brink of it,

Picture it--

think of it,

Dissolute Man!

Lave in it,

drink of it,

Then, if you can!

Take her up tenderly,

Lift her with care;

Fashion'd so slenderly,

Young, and so fair!

Ere her limbs frigidly Stiffen too rigidly,

Decently, kindly, Smooth and compose them;

And her eyes, close them,

Staring so blindly!

Dreadfully staring

Thro' muddy impurity,

As when with the daring

Last look of despairing

Fix'd on futurity.

Perishing gloomily,

Spurr'd by contumely,

Cold inhumanity, Burning insanity,

Into her rest.--

Cross her hands humbly

As if praying dumbly,

Over her breast!

Owning her weakness,

Her evil behaviour,

And leaving, with meekness,

Her sins to her Saviour!

Okay it is most hard to just pick on from the king of macabre! (spelling). But this I thought I should share because not everyone knows the true rhythmic Majesty of The Bells... although I love all of Poe's pieces this one is very .... perfect

This is not the best reading I have ever heard but.. they are not easy to find for free online. Really sit back and listen to the rhythm of 'the bells'....

Beautiful paranoia!

Smooches and have a TERROR-ific weekend ;)


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Could I Be a Teacher!?!.....My Entourage

Howdy Folks,

I thinks (hehe Popye) people have been busy lately..... how can I tell .. no comment props! It is okay I know I am very busy too :) And in fact it is a great thing that we are all busy.

Could I be a Teacher!

Well some big news that I am very nervous about... I contacted a local art supply store about teaching mixed media and this Friday I going in to see if my art would be marketable enough... Meaning in my area are enough people going to want to learn how to do this. And not even I am sure of this! But I thought it was WELLLLLL worth the chance and it is such an amazing opportunity! Tonight I am going to try to do the showcase piece that everyone will be working on. I am of course going to start off very very simple and then maybe in classes to come get more in deapth! Also, the facility likes it when the people can bring a finished piece home, yet another reason I am keeping it simple. We will see, we will see... SUGGESTIONS NEEDED.. What would you like to learn if you took the class! I know that is a tough question becuase I blog with so many accomplished artists. Really I would love some input!

My Entourage

If you haven't noticed yet I finally got my followers sidebar gadget going. I named it My Entourage. If you really dig my blog click on it and when you become a follower I believe you get emails with my updates and all that jazz! I think. Since I am new to it too I have to get out there and follow my peeps! But I have to say that if I you aren't being followed by me then you are mistaken.. I look at about 30 blogs a day so even if you don't see your name on the list beleive me I am watching. HEHE in the wings! Tis the season I guess.

Oh and last but not least a formal introduction is in order...... Everyone this is Lucy and her trusty pup Mabel.

I guess I am inspired but knitting on Monday!

Please leave some love and ideas about the class.



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Frost & What's Her Name

Yes kiddies that is right here in upstate NY we had our first frost. AHHHHHHHHHHH… Okay I like it cold but not this cold in October. I guess it is the course of nature and my hands are tied.

My knitting friend and I had a very nice get together and don't worry no one got hurt, in fact, we didn't drink too much we were too busy gabbing away.

I finished my first ATCs last night! I hope they are well loved. I did my best but after all it is my first time. (He He that sounds funny) (Okay I will grow up)

Anywho I would like you to meet some one special, this is……………. Well………….. she doesn't have a name yet I am torn between (Mabel, Betty Sue, Virginia, Lucy, Leslie, Lu Lu, and Carmen). Which one do you feel best suits her? She might become one of my main characters so I think she needs a proper name!

I wish I had something new and exciting to write about but I don't and anything I might have I can't talk about right now. Maybe in a few weeks or a month when the story is all told and I can say it out loud and not have it backfire. If you know me outside the world of blogging I am extremely opinionated and never lack in the conversation zone. But admits the eyes of on lookers who I can't physically see I tend to find myself reserved. This could be because you never know who you will meet. I promise there will come a time when my words will run free on the page, but until then I will remain coy.

Stay Cozy


Monday, October 6, 2008

My plate is full and my thoughts are racin'

I am busy busy busy! And why am I busy..

Well I am in the middle of an atc trade with a lovely lady from over the pond.

I am in the throws of making engagements and wedding invitations.

Tonight I have a knitting cocktail party. Okay I know alcohol and needles don't mix but I promise I will be responsible.

In addition, I have been commissioned for two of my mixed media pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmm oh and I am mass producing the earrings because a great local boutique 80 West might be picking them up. Might is the key word but I am going to be working diligently on them anyhow.

And I am sure you have noticed come interesting little block looking pieces in the picture. I am sure most know that it is epoxy and I am going to be adding it to my jewelry. I am still learning so any tips are welcomed.

Oh and I set up my Halloween Department 56 village that was so graciously given to me by my most wonderful Aunt and Uncle! I can't wait to show everyone!


I don't know about you ladies but when I get busy my thoughts start to race. Could be the touch of ADD but I think it is an over abundance of creative juice.

I wake up every morning with the intent of having a great day. I never get up and say to myself today is going to stink. But recently as I embark on the one year ann. of my 'real life job' I grow increasingly restless. I do like my job, but a few weeks ago some one had a post up about defining a starving artist. I sat back and gave it some thought. Being 23 I am going through what I guess you can call a 1/4 life crisis. A million uncertainties and the only certainty is that there are no certainties. Ladies I am sure either you have been through this, you have children who have been through it, or you will have children who will go through it. This doesn't mean I am going to race out buy a Mustang, bleach my hair blonde, and get plastic surgery; it simply means I am at a cross roads with no path less or more traveled.
So back to the straving artist. I guess people aren't laughing when I say I dream of doing art full time, but there is the doubt. I am assured that in some form or another I will turn my one true passion into a sustainable income but that is where uncertainty rears it familiar ugly-ass head. What on earth can I do to make enough money to sustain? I can go back to school for my teaching degree, I can become certified in a form of art and teach classes, I could get on my knees and pray that my personal art will take off and I can move to some remote paradise, hire and cabana boy and sip frilly drinks to kingdom come? Okay the last one was extreme and I am not looking to make a killing I am looking to be happy. I think everyone has that right. I just want to create and live the life that suits me and not my bank account. But the flip side is who wants to be broke. Alas the uncertainty. Ladies ADVICE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have suggestions I am 100% open to them nothing could hurt.

Smooches, my dears

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?

badge for mixed media art


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