Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrapping up October: My Cup Truly Runneth Over

Since I won't be around all weekend I thought I would do a wrap up of my favorite month of the year, October.

Creatively I believe I did my best work. The continuing inspiration of the foliage and the supernatural attraction of Halloween I was chuck-full of ingenuity. But, I also had a lot of fun with my work and kept it whimsical. This has been my first Halloween working in my new genre of mixed media, and I have to say I don't know if I will ever go back to my old style. I feel as though there are countless possibilities with mixed media and I have yet to even brush the surface.

This month especially my friendships bloomed with many fellow blog artists. I can truly say that I believe that I have made some life long friends, supporters, and mentors. When no one else understands I know you will. It is amazing how many of us are so much alike. I can waltz over to any blog and see so much of myself in you. So thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonder land of creativity.

Personally, (yes, I know I never put a lot of personal detail in my blog, one day I will be able too). This was an okay month. Nothing to write home to Mom about. There were plenty of ups and downs and thus has been my life for some time. A lot of uncertainty fills my days (any time that is left after art). I will save you the true search for self babble we all go through it and we all know the story. I will pin this on my quarter-life crisis. As any psych would tell me it is not good to repress, but I just continue to push on using my art to delay thinking about all my situations. One day everything will pan out but it is rough when there is no end in sight. As a fellow blogger will tell me one day you will Fly.

So lets explore the ups! For the first time I was able to FINALLY get tickets to the Headless Horseman Haunted Hayride! I had some really good times with my best friends this month. My brother Joe, his fiancé Jo Anne, and my longtime best friend/boyfriend/other half/ying to my yang/total opposite, Adam. We had some great trips to NYC, spent a lot of time in NJ (with Ali) and had many laughs along the way.

Without Adam (engineer) I think I (artist) would be a total mess. I am scattered, unorganized, off the cuff, loud mouthed, and very opinionated. Adam is precise, detail oriented, reserved, VERY quite, and humble. Physically we are polar opposites as well. He is very tall (6'6), thin, health conscience. I am 5'3, stocky, and I eat what I want (only go around once). He is truly my other half, I can't remember life before him.

I recieved the best Halloween present ever from my wonderful parents!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a successful month. I know with the economy sales are down (in fact I only made one sale this month). I will keep my fingers crossed that the recession will not last too much longer and we will see some positive turnover in 2009.

I cannot thank you all enough for your tremendous support and comments. Please stick around, your comments and support give me the fuel I need to continue and believe me I need my art more than I need air!

Happy Halloween my loves! Thank you for a great 4 months and this being the most fulfilling of them all!



Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As I wiped the sleep from my eyes at 8am this morning I was expecting to see a lot of this………..

But, All I saw was this.

Although I am not surprised to listen to a terrible farce fly from the lips of a weather man I was a little surprised to see that we did not receive a flake of snow from the predicted 3-5". Not one downy flake to even foreshadow the coming of winter. Okay I am not that disappointed but.. but.. my beloved Fall is gone, the grass is dead, the trees are naked, and at least the white of snow would add a tinge of festiveness to the air. And my art thrives on festiveness.

I went to AC Moore last night and blew the bank on supplies. I bought lots and lots of beads for the deconstructed bracelet I am making. Beads are sooooo expensive. If any of you happen to know a reasonable bead store online please share the link. I also rummaged the newly formed Christmas isles for some goodies to add to my 3-D sculptures. Not 1 of the 3 is yet complete and I am starting to find that I could work on them forever adding details and finishing touches. So here is a sneak preview. Two of them are on the brink of completion but you know I might change everything at the last minute. (Remember they aren't done!)

I really really enjoy working with the 3-d sculptures but they do take a LONG LONG LONG time. But they are sooo darn cute! Oh and a little hint to they paper mache sculptures out there, instead of sand paper for smoothing, hardware stores are now making sponge like sandpaper (on a 3-d sponge) that give you much more control, I think. I like it much better and I find my fingers get less roughed up. Give it a whorl. I think it lasts longer than sand paper as well.

I am a little bumbed I with Halloween and Halloween parties for the next few day I know I won't be getting much done. I will definately be posting my costume though. Not as wonderful as I would have liked but the origanality is there!

Well my lovelys have a wonderful day. For those of you who have snow congrats on the new inspiration! I am sure I won't be too far behind you……


Monday, October 27, 2008

And a big sigh for Monday

So yes, it may seem as though I have been slacking off on my art but I'm not (okay maybe a little). It is a hard transition going from Halloween to Christmas. Plus I don't want to show my winter stuff just yet when the most glorious Holiday of the year hasn't even had its time to shine yet. I will thought give you a little taste of what we have in store!

I have to say I have been working on three-D sculptures more than my paintings. Hmmm not sure way. I think because they are introducing new challenges and are an exciting change of pace. The unfortunate part is that they take much longer. Oh well all part of it I guess.

So please bear with me during this transitional period. This is my first time in blog world trying to figure out timing but after Halloween (31st) I will start displaying whatever Christmas/Holiday/Winter stuff I might have and I will continue creating Christmas until Decemeber. After that I have no idea what I am going to do…. HAHA I guess we will see when the times comes..

As a general rule I am not a 'scaredy cat' but the limits of my bravery were certainly tested this weekend. For years…. that is right years, I have been trying to make my why to Ulster Park, NY to see the #1 scariest hayride in the country!!!!! THE ENTIRE USofA! This year I was finally on the ball and got reservations. You wouldn't believe how fast the tickets fly. Anywho, the participants were Adam, Adam's sister Emily, and myself. Emily and I being horror buff and Adam could take it or leave it. The sad truth is we don't have any pictures to commemorate the evening because they had that place tied down like Fort Knocks. No camera phones no cameras, period.

Since I pride myself on being extremely punctual I matter-o-factly said that I wanted everyone in the car an hour early! I know seems severe but A) it was a two hour drive, and B) we had never been and I didn't want time being in the way. LUCKY WE DID! We got through the gates and hour early and as soon as we got in the power line next to us shorted out and engulf in a blaze! All the while I was by a hawk (which was real, but was being tamed by a handler) when the hawk noticed the adverse commotion he freed himself from the handler and flew into my head!!!!!!!!!!! Folks I couldn't fabricate this if I wanted too. Realizing I wasn't hurt but just startled we made our way to safety. Needless to say all the power went out, and the people who were still at the front gate were turned away to go home. The people who were left inside the park (see lucky we got there an hour early) were able to continue. YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOOOO SCAREY. The hayride wasn't that scary but the last haunted house was! Unfortunately due to the fire the last house was closed, but that was okay I don't know if I could have handles being scared anymore! If you are ever in the mid-NY area and are looking for a good time in the Fall that is the place to go!
Okay this was a long post for a Monday. Welcome back everyone I hope you hade a great weekend!


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