Thursday, November 13, 2008

A time to simplify

When I get a song in my head I listen to it over and over until it burns a hole in my memory until I know the note before the note is played, or the lyric before it ever escapes their lips. Most inspiration that I receive is from music, two arts that waltz beautifully hand-in-hand.
Last night while I was wheeling my paint brush in no direction, I had to stop, sit back and conjure a plan. One single idea, thought, inspiration to break through and reach for my awaiting virgin canvas. Then from the distance, his fingers hit the keys in such a purposed rhythmic fashion. The chords hummed back to him confidently yet with a subdued undertone. The sheer simplistic beauty of Beethoven's overture. Simplicity at its finest moment. Like a precise writer every emotion imaginable was captured in 6 minutes. Simple maybe uncomplicated in approach …..never… Every move was deliberate this piece was no accident. For about 4 rounds of the song roughly a half hour I decided to get lost in the notes which I hoped would help my own art. And it did.
I stripped my canvas, removed the fan-fair and approached the canvas self-assured. I knew what to do. Simplicity, easy in thought difficult in execution. When a thought is simple in art the execution has to be deliberate and flawless. Just as Beethoven you have to be confident with your instrument. As a result last night I painted something totally out of my box and happened to love it. Primitive, simple, and thought out. Three things I sometimes zoom by in my haste to create. I hope you like it. Currently he is on eBay.

I like him better in person :) You can really appreciate the detail then

So… with all of this, a revelation. I have been pretty tense lately, even irritable. I know why (I SOOOOOOOOO WANT TO TELL YOU… but alas I can't…. in time). But how to cope with something you have no control over? I always have control. So in the mean time I need to simplify and it has to start with my thoughts. My mind is always racing I can't seem to stop it. At night I have to sleep with the TV on to divert me from thinking too much. I must simplify my processes. Easier said than done and I don't even know where to begin. But in order to keep sanity I have to figure it out.
I am sooooo excited for the holiday that I want to be able to mentally sit back and enjoy them. Or else they will fly by like they never came to visit. But as I said when something is simple the execution has to be flawless. So, I must think about my approach before I start, and trust in my instrument, myself.

Enjoy Kiddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope each and every one of your have the best Thursday ever. Just remember, it is what you want to make it.

Big smooches!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Okay for those of you who don't know TSO they are the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!!!!!!!! (screams from the gallery and panties flying on stage) Here is why the panties fly on the stage. Pictures are scarce but their music is super easy to find. Just picture a tormented rock and roller with long disheveled locks in a disheveled tuxedo wheeling a fierce electric guitar. Enough said.

INTERMISSION go take a cold shower…….I will wait.

Now a yearly custom my mother and I go to see there concert every year for almost 5 years now! I know and I never get tired of the same songs of the same routine. The light show is AMAZING and the people are just beautiful. Christmas music that appeals to all ages.

You can imagine that this is all I listen to until Christmas day. On my playlist at the bottom of the screen I have several songs you can listen too. ENJOY!

Last night while rocking out to TSO and Hugh Laurie AKA House (huge crush on the smart bad boy routine)! I did this little number. ON MY NEW STUDIO STYLE CANVAS!!!!!!!!!!!! It took a lot to get it here but it came finally and I LOVE working on it. I had a ton of fun with it and I can't wait to do more! She will be for sale on eBay soon. I took a front picture and two sides, as I painted the sides or some I say the front ran over onto to sides. A lot of fun and I love that it is ready to hang out of the box.

The Two smaller strips are the sides!

I really have to apologize. I have been soooo busy lately I feel like I haven't had time to visit any blogs. I will catch up I promise. I am a busy busy girl. Regretfully even too busy to get much art done :( I am still working on getting pictures taken of my work in progress. They will get there eventually!

Right now I am trying to figure out something fun to do this weekend. I was trapped in the house all last weekend so bored I couldn't even manage to pick up a paintbrush. Weird I know! Oh well, it happens.

Well kiddies I am off. I will talk to you all very soon.

Have a great days..


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the beat goes on.

Okay I was going to write about how I still feel a little down, but you know what that won't make me feel any better. Sooo I will going to try to keep it positive. Just toooo much negativity for me lately. I don't like it!

Last night Adam came home, he was sick. Tis the season L poor guy. He doesn't need to be sick. I ordered him his very very late birthday present last night. A Pea Coat. I was sitting around yesterday thinking how he is going to be going on job interviews in the winter without a proper winter coat. Granted he has sporty jackets but nothing appropriate for a fledgling engineer. The struggle is finding anything to fit him. Not only is he obscenely tall his arms are too long for his body, or should I day they are perfect but just extremely long. Okay he would be perfect for a Dr. Suess cartoon, but that is why I love him. So I am crossing my fingers that this will fit him around the board and I will have to look no further.

Last night I did this little number. Cute isn't he. I enjoyed making him. Not the really different piece I am doing but I couldn't find my camera to take a picture of that last night. I thought this was an okay consolation. This is very textured with the vintage buttons on it. I am a magic believer. I don't believe in Santa(anymore I wish I did) but I do believe in magic and that there is something so sweet and primal about Christmas and just the holiday in general. And no it isn't for just kids it is for all of us. You just have to believe in it. Many of us are hardened and believe me I am too, but it is what you want to make it. For those who have children it is easy for their angelic ways to become contagious. So let it! That is one cold you want to catch. ! I will ramble more about this later in the season. I find it an extremely important topic.

Will be moving to Etsy!

Something else that I find even more important… BRA SHOPPING. Okay I have had it. I am lets say peeved that for the 19 years I have been wearing a bra I can't find one that fits. Being a woman of considerable cup size there is nothing I love more than the yanking and tugging of gravity on two very heavy body parts. Enough is enough and it is time for a change. But where to get the change…. In the old days (I swear I was really born in the 140's) there use to be Corrsetatoriums. Yes, there is right and they would properly fit you to a 'T'! Not this fast Vicky Secret run in and run out. The lady would sit with you and get all kinds of dimensions and would make you look like Marilyn even if you old gals sagged to your knees. So I am at a lose. I can't find a place that will do such a thing. No where in site. I guess I will have to venture into the city and cross my fingers. Ladies I am done with to should indents, I am done with uncomfortable, I am done with the back fat, I am done with the sag, I am done with bra rub, I am done with it all and ready for perfection!
So ladies unite and believe that one day there will be the perfect bra for each and every one of us.


He he he
Smooches my ladies! (and gents… sorry about the bra ramble, but I am sure you understand they suck!)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, I just don't know how to feel about things lately. Almost like my head is one big fog and I am shinning my high beams. Not sure what brought this on, not even sure why I am feeling some of the things that I am feeling. (probably PMS) (sorry guys who read my blog, but it happens I didn't get to pick it off a shelf) I think all the uncertainty that fills my life is getting to me. That mixed with the most mundane existence of any 23 year old on Earth. Right now there isn't a ton of happiness and definitely not a lot of stability. Most artists thrive on struggle, but I am the opposite I strive on progress and stability.


This weekend Adam and I just ended up sitting around the apartment Saturday night when he got back from my parents and Sunday ALLLLLL DAY. I am so tired of the same old! So I had some time this weekend to get some things done. Friday night I did two new pieces that I will show you in a second. Very different from my usual. I hope they do not offend they aren't meant to in anyway, and if you are offended by them I will take them off my blog immediately just let me know. Honestly if you are I am a tad shocked since it is artistic express, but hey differences is what makes this crazy world go round.

In my school day.. hehehe. I use to draw a lot of nudes. Mostly charcole figues and a use to LOVE IT! I love the way the human body shaps and molds and I love the way a body has smoothed valleys and curves. Women more so than men have the curves that are pleasing to draw and scuplt. I have done men but their is something so wonderfully mysterious about the female body.
I also started another piece which is going to be really neat. This is my first piece like this and I am really excited to see how he comes out. I will show the work in progress soon!

I wish I had something new and exciting to say. Sorry for laying my issues out there like no one else has any.

Oh Adam and I did go to see the movie Role Models! If you can stand off color seedy humor with a decent moral ending this is for you. I mean really seedy with kids swearing and such nonsense, but very very funny …… with that said, this movie is extremely offensive, but since I am not easily thrown off I loved it! Not recommended for family or the easily put off.

FOUR items listed on eBay. CHECK THEM OUT.. LUCY AND MABEL making their debut! I will be putting up the eBay ticker for easy access!

Smooches and Happy Monday to You All~

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