Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurry before they are gone

At long last I took a little time off yesterday to list some of my pretties! They are on eBay they are originals and they are for sale! Please visit my ebay page
and bid on one before they are gone! Here are some examples but there are more so go see.

Well folks. As in previous blogs I said that I was going to start sewing dolls. Give the long awaited 3-D quality to my pretties. I did it, and I have to say they are pretty cute! I will give you a preview. Remember this will be for sale along with my Halloween original mixed media. These ladies are my first stab (not a sewing) but at doll making. Now I have recently (last night) graduated to sphere heads totally round!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited. The preview I will show is without any of the little extra add ons I will be applying (ribbons, Halloween paraphernalia, etc..) But tell me what you think! This is my original pattern ! Now that I started it is hard to stop, but I really have to get back to my paintings. I only did ONE (ONE ONE ONE) new one this week AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... We know what I will be doing this weekend. But in my defense I did two dolls and they do take longer to love!

Please let me know what you think and don't forget to stop by my auctions and pick up an original. It is definitely a summer sale. Moving out the inventory!

I am going white water rafting this weekend I am soooo excited! I haven't been in years but I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I hope we end up with nice weather. Lately it has been chilly, like Fall chilly (and to me that is the best weather there is). Speaking of strange weather my heart does go out to all those in the midst of storm Fay, stay safe.

I have enjoyed reading every ones blogs about their kids going back to school. I have yet to have such a wonderful experience since I don't have children but I bet it is a bottle of mixed emotions. But I too will be heading back to school. Hopefully soon. I want to redirect my current BA into a BS for teaching and not just any teaching but an Art teacher. It will be a long road but I am really hoping to get a start on it next Spring semester. We will see. Dreams dreams dreams. I have a way of dreaming too big.

Alright my Lovelys enough rambling for today, or as my mother would say (excuse the crudeness) diarrhea of the mouth.

I will take my leave. Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spooky Time

Hi Lovelys,

That is right as promised I have a sneek preview of my Halloween Collection. As perviously stated all these sweeties will be up for sale. You can all have your own orginal. The game plan is for the WHOLE month of Septmeber to list an Item every two days (Most will be on Ebay) Some things MIGHT be put on Etsy. Regardless I hope you have a great time shopping and getting in to mood for what I feel is the single most magical holiday of the year. The ghosts and gobblins come out to toil while witches fly and black cats link us to Hallows Eve's of late. Not to mention the fall so beautiful and enriched. Don't worry for those who don't share the same passion for Halloween as I do I will also be listing several Autumn items which are cat and witch free. So please enjoy this time with me and stay extra close becuase updates will be popping out of nowhere!!!!!!! *evil laugh***

Let me know what you think I LOVVVEEE feed back. I didn't put everything out becuase there has to be some suprises.

Tip of the day:

Common objects: Something I can't stress enough. Around the house everyday there are a million items you can you to make art. Can't draw a circle for a face? Use a cup for the outline! What about alumminum foil? I can think of a million thing to do with it, but have you tried to paint with it? I have done some great things with plastic wrap, alcohol, tissues, and newspaper. So never under estimate what you can do becuase you don't have 'art brands' or items. Art is all about creativity so why not!

Smooches my lovelys please comment oh my collection.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello Lovelys,
Get it while its hottttt... I made an Ebay posting this is the link:

Remeber you can always reach my ebay through this blog by going to MUST VISIT LINK : My eBay auctions. I have been trying some new things so please ignore the revision notice.

The September Halloween Madness is coming along nicely and tomorrow I will be sharing a SNEEK PREVIEW of what is in store! All originals will be for sale and some with free shipping and some with discounted shipping! AWESOME RIGHT?!?!?!?! So please stay tuned! Oh and did I mention I have made some sweet fabric halloween dolls. That is right and they can be all yours!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Video and Whats up!

Hello All my Lovelys!!!! Yes I am home and happy to be so. I had a great time but it is so nice to be back on the saddle. I did some Halloween paintings last night that I will be posting the first week of Sept. Please stay tuned to my ebay as I will be listing some items later today. I will make sure I make the announcement and put a link. But a friendly reminder you can always reach my ebay by using the My ebay link under must visit links.

Here is a little video that I compiled really fast (I still have to upload my real movie software (one of my concentrations in college) But this is just a slide show so no worries. There were a lot of picture to choose from over the last 10 days but I think that the butterflies are the most beautiful! Please enjoy. Most of the butterfly pictures were taken by me and all the pictures of Adam and I are taken by his Grandmother who is a photographer!

Smooches my lovelys

Stick around!

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