Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Joy in Mudville.

This post is by no means to depress anyone, but being a blog I think I am allowed to write to vent. So yesterday just wasn't a good day. NOT GOOD AT ALL! I am going to start from the beginning because there is where most stories begin.

Monday night I slept AWFUL. No sleep at all just a lot of tossing and turning which I dismissed to heartburn at the time. I got up before the alarm and went on my merry(or not so merry way) and did my morning routine. At the very end of this so called routine I put on my shoes and head out the door. I went to sit down and this is where the down hill spiral starts. I sat down and this shooting pain went up my spine. To the point of it knocked me over. I knew in a second what the pain was, it wasn't the first time I had it and once you have it once you will never forget. My pilonidal cyst returned. To save you the disgusting details and give you the short and not so sweet. This is a type of abscess that lives at the bottom of your spinal chord. When I was about 15 I had surgically removed, but guess what it is back with vengeance! I CAN"T SIT DOWN! So this happened yesterday morning so I immediately called the Dr. to make an appointment. I don't know what to do. I didn't even know they could grow back… but all I know now is I can't sit down without a stupid rubber doughnut! How stylish.

You would think my story ends there, but no, not at all. I get a phone call an hour after making my Dr. appt. that I have to go to the hospital and that my Mom fell on ice. So I get in my car (but mind you I can't sit down because the pain of sitting is excruciating) soooo I drove 30 mins to the hospital ON MY SIDE! I get to the hospital and my poor poor poor mother is a reck. Mind you she is 60… So there was lots of damage and a lot of pain. She beyond broke her humorous bone in her shoulder; there were other moderate injuries but no other breaks. Poor thing is locked up in a straight jacket-looking devise and just in so much uncontrollable pain!

But of course what would a story be without the conclusion. The night before we had to put to sleep our beloved Elvis.. He was our Poodle Terrier mix that happy lived with us for 16 years. He just couldn't cope with the pain anymore and we couldn't cope with seeing him in pain. My mom and dad were DEVISTATED! So that only added on to the never ending array of awful occurrence that transpired over two days!

A year down the road I might be able to chuckle at the fact that so many bad things happened in such a short span of time but right now I am bummmmmed out!
Good news is I have Dr. appt today so hopefully my spine issue will get straightened out! I am crossing my fingers. I will keep you all updated (if they do the surgery painting will be tough on my stomach!)

Now this is irony…. I started doing a black and white collection of paintings that I want to call winter desolation. The meaning is the beauty behind to dreariness, darkness, despondency. So I think it will fit this post perfect!
This is meant to be viewed from a distance. So stand back a foot or two to get the full effect!

EVERYONE stay safe and don't let my unluck rub off on you!



Amariah said...

I'm sorry that you had such a bad couple of days. Hopefully things will start getting better.
I like your new painting, it's kind of mesmerizing!

Anonymous said...

Wow Iam sorry for the bad days as well. You know dont they say that bad luck happens in 3s.I know about how you feel.It seems like it will never end sometimes doesnt it.Poor doggy,I dread that with my border collie hes 12 in january.Oh well such is life,but it could be a bit better huh? LOL.God Bless and relax today!The pic is great I loved it before I read the blog.

Arty Em said...

oh dear.
this too, shall pass.
that is what I tell myself when it all is falling apart around me.
peace and light to you - You Will get through it all.
and I send peace to your parents over their loss - the love of a dear dog is a wonderful thing to have and an awful thing to lose. . . . hugs to you and them.

Sherry said...

Oh Steph, so sorry to hear about all that's happening. Hope the docs visit goes well and you get some relief. Sounds like you are having the same luck I had on Sunday. Love your black and white!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

First of all I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your puppy dog...I hope the doctor can help you with your pain as mom fell 3 years ago and broke her hip..she is 81 now..she is lucky she has healed up nicely..but we still worry about her..I sure hope you and your mommy heal up quickly and with minimal pain..Take care of yourself..I love the painting by the way...:)

Jenny said...

The painting is perfect for your AWEFUL story. Good grief, girlfriend. I hope you and your mom heal really fast and sorry to hear about your pup.

I just heard last night that an acquaintance who lived down the street just passed away this Saturday...She was only like 42 if that!!! OMG! I was shocked. THis is the first time. (other than family) I will have to go to a friends funeral (that is near my age) makes me really count my blessings!

Sherry said...

Hi Steph, just checking back in to see how you are doing. How did the docs visit go today. You are in my prayers. Wishing you to be pain free.

Pease Porridge said...

OH Stephanie!!!! Those words rang a terrible bell. My Husband had the same cyst thing! It was soon after we were married. I was way to scared to pack it. Luckily we were living next door to his mother at the time and she would come over and do it. I know what you are going through, kind of. We always have that fear that it might come back. He has two friends that also had it and one of them it did come back. So sad about your sweet little angel dog and I hope your Mother heals fast! That is so hard. Just look at your painting, it is a path to a brighter future. :)
Lots of Hugs! Jennifer

AngelaMichelle said...

That's quite a day - sorry it had to happen all at once! Praying you & your mom will soon be better.
On the plus side, your new painting is wonderful!

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