Thursday, December 4, 2008

Enough is enough I need some Christmas cheer

So I am so over all the bad news as of late that I need some positive thoughts!

But before the good stuff I need to just get out of the rest of the bad, and what better a place than to all my friends here.
The Dr. Appt. I had yesterday went crappy to say the least. The darn thing is infected and oozing and everything else under the sun. I think I should come up with a name for it calling it "the cyst" is no impersonal for being in such a personal place. Unfortunately, they have to wait for the infection to go away before I see what a surgeon has to say. That will be my second surgery on the same spot. HOOO HUMMM! So I have 10 days of trying to sit on a donut. And I sit for a living!

But I had a HUGE dose of humble pie last night… Adam's grandmother informed us that she has Ovarian Cancer. So with said and all the bad news out it is time for me to stop dwelling on the bad and start sending out the good!

And what better way then Christmas cheer. So all that negative energy that I am storing I am turning into good energy for Adam's beloved Grandma and sending it her way!

Here is a little piece to get us in the mood! I did it before I got sick and I am hoping to get some more done soon and put them on Etsy. This is my Christmas Cheer collection, the LET IT SNOW snowmen are part of this collection as well.

I am going to keep this short, but all I ask is that we all take our negative energy. The hard feelings we have been storing, the angry notions we might have been harboring and just chase them off with positive happy thoughts!



Jenny said...

Ooooh sound horrid! Hope you feel better. Love the new painting. I have not starting anything yet today...blahblah

My Grandma had ovarian cancer, but they just took it out and she lived another hopefully that is the case here. I think it is when we get it at a young age that it seems more fatal. But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.I love the Santa Claus with his long long legs LOL.Have a nice day!

Designs by CK said...

Hi Steph ~ Hope things will go smoother for you in the near future.

Everyone has "static", I know! '-)

Fun new Santa piece. :-)


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hope you feel better Steph! You're one of my nominees for the "One Lovely blog" award! Come by & visit!

Lisa :)

Amariah said...

I'm glad to hear that you're trying to be positive!
I love your new painting..whenever I'm feeling down, making art usually makes me feel better ;-)

Pease Porridge said...

Love the Santa Steph. Very cute and happy. Yes, this will all pass and it is best to stay positive, your right. :)


Jenny said...


You're one of my nominees for the "One Lovely blog" award! Come by & visit!



LoopyBoopy said...

I love Santa and your list:) Hope all is well soon!!

TattingChic said...

God bless! Sorry to hear about your unfortunate news! What a sweet spirit you have to paint such a fun and whimsical painting! I love I take it with the positive vibes you are putting out there that the long list of Santa's must be his "Nice" list and not the "Naughty" list, right? LOL! ;)

Fannie said...

Feel better soon, Steph! Sending virtual hugs. Lovely Christmas piece for your Etsy shop.

Jenny said...

hey girlfriend. Hope your feeling better, sittin on that doughnut.

I was just thnking...didn't you have a different background a while back..was it the one I am using now? lol I thought it might have been the same..hmmm, I hope I did not force you to change

Pease Porridge said...


Thought you might like that snow guy since you liked my other one. I made that other one a long time ago and then decided to keep it so this is a new one. ;) I couldn't part with my long time buddy. Anyway, I had never been to Design by CK, until just now. Thanks for telling me about that blog and I think you are right. :) Hope you are hanging in there. Jennifer

Malissa said...

Ouch! My brother has the same kind of thing that seems to reoccur and it makes him so misterable. (he usually ends up with the yucky oozies, too. ugh.)
Really hope your spirit lifts and we will keep your grandma in our prayers.
Sending positive karma your way!

Connie said...

ouchy-pa-towchee!!! Hang on, this season will pass also....and soon, I hope. Keep up the art and good cheer. Love ya, Connie

Gail Lackey said...

Miz "P" has her magic Prang wand and is madly waving it yur way..can ya feel it.. ya should, as her little arms are waving like crazy and I'm afraid she'll need bionic arm surgery! LOl!
Anyway sending magical love and enchantment your way to a healthy happy fulling life!
Hugz, gail & Madame "P"!

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