Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bagel Wednesday & And nakedness!!!!

YAYAYA it's Bagle Wednesday at work.. I can't wait. I love when I don't have to think about making breakfast in the morning. Soooooo... This was me yesterday ------>

after spending hours and hours looking for a bathing suit. If you can't tell by my runny makeup and makeshift sad face that I had no luck then I will try to take a picture of my bruised ego. I am a young lady of a short stature and find that finding a bathing suit it near impossible. NOTHING FITS!!! To make matters worse I went to three stores and they only had ugly ones left. If the straps aren't falling down than the crotch is droopy.. I CAN"T WIN! I am praying that they have some suits in Maryland where I will be on vacation... If not there will be a lot of NAKEDNESS.... and I promise it isn't pretty. OH TWELL..

Anywho! As I promised I would be putting up the second painting that I did Monday. I must have foreseen the problems I was going to be running into. This is poppy-cock. You are nothing but the most beautiful you! Although it is hard sometimes when you are looking in a three sided mirror under florescent lighting. But still I am who I am and that is all that I am. And that is coming from a guy that only uses one eye, has huge arm but small wrists, and whose voice could compete with Fran Dressers (Spelling). Just keep your head up and push forward. And remember if you ever need someone to talk to I am here. Don't second guess yourself or allow outside influences drag down your spirit.
Still waiting for some people to submit some song that they think I should use as a muse for my paintings. email me at or message me on the old blog. The musician/musicians will get full recognition on the back of the canvas and the painting will be selling on ebay.
Tip of the day: I know I have missed a day or two, but .... Are you having a hard time getting your paint brush to make super fine lines? Okay I think I might know what your prob is.... So you go into your art supply store and you buy the shortest thinnest bristled brush you can find. Makes perfect sense right? Only 1/2 wrong. You want to definitely get the thinnest brush but look for longer (no super long just long) bristles. Moreover the longer the bristle the more pressure the hair will absorb before the paint touched the canvas. With a short bristle bush the hairs are touching with full pressure. Also, hold the brush above the little metal piece, the wood will also absorb some of the pressure. High quality acrylics can also hinder the perfect find line since it can be heavy. There are plenty of products out there that will help thin the paint, but I have never been opposed to a touch of water. Oh ya and if you are doing mixed media scarp everything I just said and use an ultra fine sharpie :)
Best Wishes for my lovies today


Welshcake said...

Hi :) thanks for dropping by my blog. I like your paintings, they kind of cheered me up. Other peoples pictures cheer me up far more than my own ;)

Your advice on getting thin lines makes great sense, i have some 'rigger' brushes. Yes the bristles are uber-long, but they really are better for getting a fine line. I might trim them down some. I'm not too bad at trimming brushes, I used to do a lot of it when painting dolls faces.

..And now I seem to have babbled at you. *g*

carolyn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. One of the great perks of being an art teacher is called July and August! LOL Well I should have been more useful with my time this vacation artistically speaking but oh well!
I feel your pain of bathing suit shopping. I'd rather go to the dentist!

Veronica said...

A song??????? as a muse......hummmm

okay here is one that I use and I love it...

now don't laugh


I mean it pinky swear you won't laugh

I listen to the song beloved

okay I mean it don't laugh

Minnie Driver

I told you not to laugh....
go to I tunes and listen to a clip of it she may even have it on her website the entire version.

crank it up and just paint

also living on a wire is awesome..heck okay I will admit it I have her album and I freaking love it.. there are you happy now

I love listening to Minnie Driver and if you let anyone know well, I will

just laugh out loud.....

hugs and smoochies


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