Monday, January 19, 2009

AHHHHHHHHHH it is Monday isn't it!

Hello from la la land on this very dreary and snowy NY morning. My heart goes out to everyone who is living in the Northeast right now and has to put up with this CRAPPY weather.

What is new on my front.. hmm.. let me see…. NOTHING. Around the winter my life always seems to be on hold. I am sure this is common with people who sustain half of a year of winter with not much sunlight and extreme cold. Now I know those who relocate for jobs up in Alaska get a generous relocation sign-on.

I really want to have my Etsy update today, but my oil paints still haven't dried. Another downer about the winters here (extremely damp)

On a much lighter note I did FINALLY pick out my clothes for our engagement photos!!!!!!!!! YIPPPPY… I think they look alright. I picked casual, but Adam and I are very casual people.

Here is a new piece I did. I am very much into the vintage book right now and the background of this is all a 1930 children's book. Very fun. Expect to see more of this style from me... or maybe I already have a few more done ;)

This story begins at the beginning like most stories do,
it is a story about a girl much like me and you.
But this girl has a life where things aren't what they seem,
she thinks to herself, is this all a bad bad dream?
No, this life she lives is real and as real as real can be,
where she could never be happy and her spirit can never free.
Caught up in a world of insanity and delusion,
knowing how to feel even stirs within her confusion.
She dwells on the brink of what will and could happen,
in this world of devastation and entrapment.
Day in and day out everything around her is strange,
so she says to herself, it would be nice if something made sense for a change.

So I bid you adieu and wish you a prosperous, joyous, and splendiferous Monday. Or any combination of good things that can happen on a Monday.

Oh yes and I already made this announcement, but do to circumstances beyond my control it is going to be hard for me to get around to people's blogs as frequently as I use to. Please bear with me. I miss talking with you all very much, but don't leave me now!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes its monday Steph and more snow on the way later in the week here,not to far from there LOL.have a great week!By the way love the art work.Did you write the poem too?

Connie said...

e-mail me at and tell me how I can specifically be praying for you, kiddo. You are so special. -Connie

Jenny said...

I love the new piece. Real cute. I am supposed to be a better house keeper. If I am better at my wifely duties then maybe my husband will be better at his as

Well, see. Someone has to start. At least I will have some sort of see I told you so attitude if he does not step gifts and romance...lmao

Pease Porridge said...

Love the new piece Steph! It might be a favorite! :)

Tag your it. If you have time come to my blog for the rules.


Cris said...

Very cute, Stephanie, I love the book page background. Have a great week, girlie! ~Cris

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

you really did have to go are a nut...glad you are your perky self again..I will post the hair when it grows alittle or I have makeup on..whichever comes first..oh and it has to be a great hair day..heheheheheheheee...:)
Love ya kiddo,
Gina ;)

Jolie Dennison said...

Love this! Her outfit is fab! I'm off to have a look at your etsy.

Designs by CK said...

You new ACEO is 2 cute Steph! '-)

Hope this note finds you well & you have a great week too!

PS: I have an "Alice" surprise up my sleeves soon 2...Stay tuned for forthcoming details!

SpOOky Hugs,


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