Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Howdy ..

Well I know I haven't done a video in a longgggg time so I thought I would do one. I didn't know what to do so I did my make-up I know I am a goone. Anywho it has music with it so turn my playlist off at the bottom of my blog.

I am working on a little somthin somethin (okay just a painting) but I really like it.. sooooo cute! I hope to get it done tonight.

Well this brain has been doing some thinking.. Ahh yes don't we all smell the unmistakable sent of burning wood. Okay now that the tacky joke is out of the way, I have been pondering this question for a long time. I am sure I am not the only one but I have yet to see it mentioned through all my days of blogging. Do we ladies and gents of the art blogspot world ever meet up? I mean not just two or three of us who live close enough, but a group of us? This might be the event coordinator in me but I almost feel that there is an injustice done if I never get to meet any of these wonderful people I have been conversing with for so long. Our own little mixed media convention. Just curious.

Then of course my mind expands on this thought and says. Due to travel costs we would have to break if down into regions so there would be 5 chapters (Northeast, Southeast, Central, Southwest, and Northwest). We would also have to have dues to cover the cost of the meeting hall, or if it is a manageable group we could always meet at a house. We could make it a yearly event (one shot deal) to bring some of our items and to showcase them and maybe swap techniques and chew over some ideas about getting the word out to the public about our little corner of the world (there are sooo many people who don't even know us and that our art work exists). Believe it or not I know people who have never heard of ETSY! (gasps from the crowd) I know dears I know….

I guess that was all a dream but then I woke up. But isn't this a place to dream and to explore. Call me Peter Pan but I'm never doing to lose the child like hope and I will never stop believing in the things I am passionate about. So just a thought to mull over for all those starving artists out there who have met special people like them on here. Something to tuck away in the back of your mind and bring it out when the timing is right. And as a very smart intelligent woman once said to me, "why not?"

Lovely Tuesday Ladies (and Gents)




Amariah said...

Hi Again,
My goal is to be an artist. I think that you probably did a good thing by having a degree in pr/marketing- because you probably know better how to promote yourself. I, on the other hand, am still trying to figure out how best to promote myself ;-P
Offices do suck! When I worked in an office, it got to the point (after about two months) where I literally sat at my desk and thought about the best way to kill myself. That's when you know it's time to quit a job!

Jenny said...

Hi Steph. That video was hilarious! Boy you clean up good! lol

Anyway, I know the members of PFATT Marketplace meet up once a year ( I am not a member)

I have told many girls they are welcome to come to Denver and visit. I have a big enough home to accomodate at least 4 people. More if they do not mind sleeping on the floor...lmao!

Becky said...

Hhaahah Hi Steph,OMG to funny.I liked the end when you blew a kiss too LOL.You do your eyes great come on over and show me how LOLOL.Havent thought about trips to visit anyone really.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a cute little goof ball you are..wish I could put on my makeup as fast as you did..heck get ready as fast you did fast forward..acutally I can get ready in under a 1/2 hour now..used to take an hour or 2 when I was younger..not sure why its the same face, hair is different...my dad could never understand why we open our mouths when we put on mascara...lol...it would be nice to see everyone we have met in blogland..it would be really neat...have a great day...")

Jenny said...

hey, you know you look like an old boyfriend of mine...oh I dont mean it as a bad thing..lol

He was jewish..are you jewish?

Anyway,I have blog award waiting for ya!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Steph,
I left you an award on my blog...come and collect it..:)

Designs by CK said...


The video was FAB!!! ~ TOO FUN!!!

Chris :-)

Azul Valentina said...

Dear Steph,
I love the VIDEO!! you look great! could you do my make-up? I have to tell you, I got a few tips fro you!
and I would love to get to meet some of you too, I have three little ones so it get busy, but I could manage to meet somewhere, maybe NYC. That would be a GREAT IDEA.


Pease Porridge said...


Love the video! You are so funny.

I don't think my family would let me out of their site that long, maybe in about ten years I could do it. Hee hee.

It is a fun thought though.

Hugs, Jennifer

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